This Old House

Menlo Cafe, Los Angeles, CA:

I own and maintain a Victorian house in Los Angeles which is soon to celebrate it's 100th birthday. I rent it out to USC grad students who are far too busy to trash the place, so far.

Pic of Menlo Cafe

On the weekend of 11 November 95, the tenants of [foo]. threw a little party. Little did they know that as a result of other parties on the street being closed down by the police, their little affair would turn into a major event.

It is estimated that over 500 people showed up. Three kegs were consumed and the bar had to be restocked 4 times. The front yard was flooded with dancers and music. At some point the cops asked them to take the music inside, but the party was not shut down.

They charged $3 at the door and before the evening was over made about $700. (The house did not take a cut. :-)

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