Wall of Voodoo

Weird Blinking Lights:

We produce a full 3% of the planet's ambient, techno, and RAVE (music). An offshoot of the earlier Schrodinger's Band (early 80s) and NozeFinger (mid 80s), we have moved beyond digital watches and now play real (tm) instruments.
For more information please see the Weird Blinking Lights hopepage.

Traditional Synthetic Cuisine may be found at a CD store near you!

... if you live in Santa Cruz.

Alternative Publications and Comics:

Links to some of the LA area's finest alternative publications and comics.
They are links to nowhere at the moment, stay tuned.
Ben Is Dead!
This rag was started by "Little Debbie" on her Mac 128 way back in '85. It can now be found adorning many of the coolest LA coffee houses, and best of all, it's still FREE!

Pond Scum
Started in 1988? by Scott Carpenter and Rob Wintler of Schrodinger's Band. It is no longer being produced but I can get copies of old issues. This one 'll cost ya!

No one I know had anything to do with this. I will get more info and update this page.

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