An End to Wooly Thinking

Emotional Intelligence:

It is widely believed that reason and emotion exist in opposition, one denies the validity of the other. I believe this is, if you will, unreasonable for there are causes for the way you feel. Take the time and try to understand the causality of it all, for if you search within your feelings, you will eventually find reason.

The Lottery:

The Gold Rush Syndrome revisited:
Come to California, the land of milk and honey. Come to the Golden State, dig a mine, pan for gold and get rich. The fuckin' place is just ooooozing with GOLD! and besides.. "Everybody's doing it."

Thousands stormed across the Continent and almost none got rich digging for gold. The chances of a California Gold hopeful getting rich by uprooting himself and his family, wagon training out West (possibly stopping for a bite to eat at the Donner Pass Bar & Grill), blowing his life's savings (which he got pursuing more responsible interests in the first place, well, probably not) on the journey and subsequent food and equipment, and finally working his ass off digging (catching everything *but* gold dust in his lungs) are so close to zero, they are for all practical purposes the same chances someone who sat on his butt in Boston drinking tea and smoking pot (hmm, now there's an idea) had.

To quote Douglas Adams, "Size of the Universe: infinite, population: none. This is due to the fact that there are a finite number of beings in the Universe and infinity divided by any finite number is so close to zero that it may as well be considered as such." This of course over dramatizes the mathematics a bit but I feel it can be safely said that almost nobody won the California lottery in 1849 and the same is true of those who play basically the same game (except for the Donner Pass bit) in 1995.

But not all was lost back in the Gold Rush days. There were in fact a select few who possessed substantial neural fortitude! They alone discovered a guaranteed way to make money out in distant California! They sold food, equipment, and supplies to the naive West Coast 49ers.

Which brings us to...
If you'll just send a small $19.95 (that's twenty smackers to those of us who aren't completely stupid) in return, I shall mail you the finest LOTTO software you have ever set eyes upon! Based on the latest and most reliable statistical data, straight from the Babbage Computing Complex at Spillikin Aerospace (the company that sent U S Grant to the Moon), a set of the most likely winning numbers will appear before your very eyes!

Heck! With this award winning, patented, European, trade marked, cross-platform, Multi-Media, OS/2 compliant, copy written, no primer or sanding required, Power PC ready, device independent, stays soft until baked in oven, ready mix, E-Z, exceptionally WHIZZY code (possessing Ed McMhann's picture in the About box) , you will likely win the LOTTO two!, or perhaps even five, (three sir), three times over!!!

And always remember, if you bet on sets of numbers over 31 and win, you will not have to split the prize with so many people. Most bet on a variety of significant dates.

Ah, go ahead, play the LOTTO. It doesn't cost ya much. Just remember, the Nevada Salt Flats are bigger than they look, so take plenty of water.


It is not for me to know, it is for you to tell me. No human can simply read the thoughts of another. Mature adult relationships are founded on a primitive yet proven little technique called communication. Human beings in functional relationships say what's on their mind and talk about their feelings *before* things go terribly wrong. Both individuals always know where they stand. A relationship may not work in the end, but it is not for want of trying, and there are no suprises.

I admit this technique is not as slick as mind reading, but it does have the added advantage in that it actually *exists* in the real world.

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