Spillikin Aerospace

First Man on the Moon:

It is here we tell the tale of Ulysses S. Grant`s historic trip to the Moon in 1876. If it hadn't been for the Civil War we may never have left this planet.

Space Travel For The Rest Of Us:

At present the company is hard at work on the AC-X, Alpha Clipper ship. A competitor to the McDonald Douglas DC-X, it is an SSTO-CL (single stage to orbit - cannon launched) vehicle which will drastically reduce the expense of space travel.

Manufacturing In Space:

It is the belief of many that if we had some sort of manufacturing capability in orbit, we could build large structures for use in zero gravity much more easily. Larger space vehicles, space stations, entire self enclosed Earth-like environments where people could live, work, and play would be possible.

At last this dream may become a reality. The proposed Lincoln Space Station (often known as Space Station Freedom) may fulfill the promise of large scale manufacturing in orbit.

If the US Congress will allow it, the finest space scientists at Spillikin will construct the World's first orbital saw mill. Please write your congressman.

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